Postcards From... Beach London

With the late afternoon sunlight beaming into the bright Beach London space, we laid out calligraphy kits, prepped postcards and popped prosecco ready for the arrival of our workshop guests.

Taught by Lamplighter founder, Chiara Perano, our workshops are fun, relaxing and perfect for any level of skill when it comes to calligraphy. Chiara talks you through everything, from holding the pen the correct way to adding flourishes once you're getting into the swing of things. She's also there to answer any questions and help you throughout, sharing her tips and tricks along the way. 

Calligraphy Kit

Time for Postcards! Short but sweet messages to loved ones ready to be popped in our postbox and sent off. There's something so special about receiving hand written post, we want to hold on to that magic at Lamplighter. 

We wrapped up our evening and sent the postcards on their way to put a smile on someones face. 

If you missed out on this workshop, don't worry! We'll be announcing another workshop very soon... 

Posted on August 14, 2017 .

Monthly Moonshine #2

During the Summer months, we're all about drinking Frosé. Yep, frozen rosé... an absolute dream, right?!

Masterminded in a very cool Italian pasta shop in New York, combining ever popular rosé and the childhood memories of fruit slushies, Frosé is a Summer sensation and London is finally hopping on the bandwagon ~ we hope. Until then we'll be making it from home - sweet notes of Rosé, a squeeze of lemon, frozen strawberries and a splash of vodka. It's naughty, nice, nostalgic, and perfect.

Lamplighter London Frose Recipe
Posted on August 11, 2017 .


July, a month full of balmy and dry Summer days... well, mostly! With our Summer Solstice behind us and a new moon just around the corner, we're feeling the midsummer love and embracing new beginnings.  

We're crushing on // Orange, leafy greens and soft peach.  The sweet smell of orange blossom swept through the streets of Valencia in Spring and the oranges harvested earlier in the year are ready to be the most refreshing of Summer treats. It's got us dreaming of mornings of dappled sunlight, patisserie treats and fresh orange juice. A snippet of the work we did for Louise Roe's Windsor wedding last year. It's perfect down to every detail, the elegant brass flatware and the kumquat garland are a beautiful touch for a Summer wedding. We've popped in a sweet postcard to celebrate the launch of our new 'Postcards From...' workshop series kicking off at Beach London this month. Birthday love to all the imaginative, loyal and sympathetic Cancer's, ruled by the moon and belonging to the element of water. 

Photo Credit - Nicole Frazen, Elle Decor, Amy Fanton on JuneBug Weddings July sees the return of our Workshops! Did you see our announcement? Don't worry if you missed it, there'll be a new another one coming very soon! Sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know. Here's to a Summer of sandy toes, salty hair and soaking up the sunshine. 

Photo Credit - Nicole Frazen, Elle Decor, Amy Fanton on JuneBug Weddings

July sees the return of our Workshops! Did you see our announcement?

Don't worry if you missed it, there'll be a new another one coming very soon! Sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know.

Here's to a Summer of sandy toes, salty hair and soaking up the sunshine. 

Posted on July 18, 2017 .

Pack Your Bags

Summer is in full swing everyone seems to be jetting off on sunny getaways and whilst admiring all their Insta snaps, we're counting down the days until blue skies, beaches and margaritas. 

One thing that looms before holiday bliss is: p a c k i n g.

Some love it, others hate it. We've got a free gift for you to make it that little bit easier and to save that last minute airport panic when you realised you've forgotten to pack your go-to sunglasses - or worse, your passport! Our holiday checklist will have you feeling organised and ready to go without a worry that you've forgotten something.

Print in A4, Click to here to download. Fill it out so you won't be leaving anything behind this Summer.

Share your pics with us @lamplighterlondon #lamplighterlondon

Posted on July 6, 2017 .

Summer workshop announcement

  Introducing our new calligraphy workshop series, Postcards From...

Lamplighter Workshop

Join us at a fun evening of postcard writing with modern calligraphy, fizz and good food!

 In the spirit of letter writing and posi vibes, our new classes will enable you to drop a line to a loved one, using your fine new calligraphy skills.  Taught and run by Chiara Perano, founder and chief calligrapher at Lamplighter London, you'll learn the basics of modern calligraphy from how to use the tools, forming words and finishing up the class by writing your Lamplighter Art Postcards, which we will then stamp, and post out to your loved ones.

The first in the series will take place at Beach London, in a beautiful, light gallery space.
Tuesday 25th July, 7.30-9pm
at Beach London Gallery, Kentish Town


More information and tickets are available from our website here.
We hope to see you there!

Posted on July 4, 2017 .


We're excited to be saying a warm and happy hello to June, although there is no denying the 6 months of 2017 have seriously flown by. A month of dewy summer heat and long evenings around the Midsummer Solstice on 20th, a beautiful time to refresh, manifest & make magic. 

With that in mind /// We're crushing on calming blues, aqua crystals and tranquil oceans. Feeling so wanderlust we're dreaming of the cool, refreshing sea-breeze, the perfect way to refocus and recharge energy. Earlier this year Chiara stayed at the post-modernist housing, La Muralla Roja, tucked away in the cliffs in Calpe, this winding, brutalist labyrinth of blue, pink and red walls offer the exciting possibility of a glimpse at the glistening sea around every corner. We love the incredible architecture and views for days. Flashback to last June, we were working on an amazing Summer Solstice event at Berners Tavern at the London Edition, with a star studded guest list from Alexa Chung to Keira Knightley. Spot Alexa with one of our cards and menu! And finally, heading up our mood board, the social, affectionate and curious month of Gemini's and their beautiful birthstone, moonstone.

Jue Moodboard.jpg

Wishing you a serene and peaceful start to the warmer months, deep sunsets, chilled wine in hand, dreaming up summertime plans. 

Photo Credit: Jacquelyn Clark, Maroesjka Lavigne, Margaux Roy

Posted on June 5, 2017 .

Goal Getter

With Lamplighter London celebrating 5 years last week, we are thinking about how to turn your ideal life into your real life. Starting the business was less of a "dream" for our founder Chiara Perano, and more of a mission, something she had been doing for a long time and wanted to share, but with no real idea of how to make the studio work. Having now passed our first big milestone birthday and with a few booming years of business under her belt, we can tell you it's vision, determination, a little bit of good fortune, but mostly getting out there and making it happen. Girl Power moments. 

As we're nearly half way through the year, it's a very appropriate time to review our goals, see what's working and what's not, and with the Summer Solstice approaching you've got the magic of the planets behind you . We are all a little guilty of not sticking to (or maybe even forgetting...) what we picked as our resolution on the 1st of January, so see this a gentle reminder to get back on track. 

Lamplighter Goal Getter Download

For our June studio freebie gift to you, we have created the 'Goal Getter' sheet to help you narrow down what you personally need to focus on to achieve your vision. This simple exercise can leave you feeling inspired and ready to make positive change. Maybe it's less time on social, more time for reading up on your industry's news. Maybe it's go to bed earlier, or cut out meat for a month, or more of visiting your favourite people. Maybe it's take less shit, and make more art. What ever you want to stop, or start, we hope our Goal Getter sheet will help you feel ready to take on the world. 

Print in A4, Click Here to Download. Fill it out, (one for each goal if you want to get deep), stick it on your wall, in your diary, on your bedside table. Somewhere where you can be reminded to feel empowered and in charge of your life. And then let it go. 

Share your pics with us @lamplighterlondon #lamplighterlondon

Posted on June 3, 2017 .

Ancient Greek Sandals

Last week we celebrated summer and all things footwear with Ancient Greek Sandals. A sunny Wednesday morning was spent at the beautiful Dalloway Terrace with Lamplighter founder, Chiara, freehand painting and personalising sandals for press, influencers, bloggers and their gorgeous bubbas. Chiara designed the range of symbols which guests could choose from to adorn their new shoes, and they could also add their initials into the design. So much fun was had! Which is your fave? We loved the cool spiders and webs, which was chosen to represent "Feminine energy and creativity in the spirit animal kingdom". YES! 

Spy Chiara (left) with Founder and Creative Director of Ancient Greek Sandals Christina in the last pic. Bonding over a love of sandals, painting and glorious London sunshine! And how about Jazzy (short for Jasmine) the adorable little baby of Mother's Meetings in her little yellow sandals. Thanks Rainbow Wave PR for having us at this amazing event. <3

©Photos: Rainbow Wave PR & Chiara Perano

Posted on June 2, 2017 .

Monthly moonshine

Cocktail Series  //  Spring Buzz

Inspired by lots of the wonderful menus we create here at the studio, we're going to be sharing our favourite boozy recipe with you each month, bought to life with illustrations and lettering by Lamplighter founder, Chiara Perano. For May, we've picked The Spring Buzz.  It's a delicious iced tea toddy, with sweet honey and lemon, elderflower and a Whiskey kick. Warming for the anticipation of summer, and a hint of floral as our gardens bloom. Spring in a cup! 

Recipe, for two. 

  1. Brew 1 camomile tea for 5 minutes. Remove bag, stir in 2 teaspoons of honey, then allow to cool.
  2. Over ice, pour 30ml Whiskey and 10ml St. Germain and stir. Add in your tea and finish with a squeeze of lemon juice. Garnish with a slice of lemon if desired. Repeat with your second glass, find a spot to devour your warming Spring Buzz and enjoy. 

Thank you Broma Bakery for the original recipe! If you're cocktail and lettering lovers like us, make sure you are following Chiara on Instagram for the monthly moonshine inspiration.

Posted on May 19, 2017 .


Today we're sharing our favourite places in London to pick up art supplies and stationery. These are our go-to stores when we need to pick up essential supplies, unique and specific tools or pretty stationery. Whether you're looking to splash around with watercolour, embellish a canvas with paints or make marks with your nib + ink these shops have got your back... 

Cass Art
'Lets fill this town with artists'

Their huge flagship store in Islington is an art lovers dream - row upon row, shelf upon shelf of every art supply you could ever need. If we're ever in a pinch here at the Lamplighter studio, we can rely on a quick trip to Cass Art to save the day. 

L. Cornellisen & Sons

We'd recommend L.Cornellisen & Sons to anyone looking for Traditional Calligraphy supplies. They have a lovely selection of inks and nibs and they cover every base you could need whether you're just starting out at calligraphy or an expert calligrapher. 

Choosing Keeping

The words 'practical, yet beautiful' spring to mind with the elegant and simple stationery in Choosing Keeping. One of our favourite things is the incredible gift wrap - bright colours, muted colours, fruit prints, floral prints, geometric prints - it's just roll after roll of beautifully detailed patterns, it's almost a shame to use it!

Present & Correct

Pastels, brights and geometric shapes. This is what you can expect to find on the stationery in Present & Correct. It has an old school vibe with airmail labels and stamps, letter racks and British telegram sets, but mixed in with modern colours and shapes. We think it's a great place to buy gifts for a stationery loving friend.

House of Hackney

You see the decadent patterns and rich, deep shades and can instantly identify it's House of Hackney. We love their prints and notebooks, particularly the palm print. We also collaborated with House of Hackney recently, you can find out more about the range on their website here. It will be available soon, so make sure you don't miss it! 

What are your favourite places to pick up your favourite art supplies and must have stationery? 

Posted on May 6, 2017 .